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Why Woke?

     The Woke Hair conditioner line was born from one woman's personal hair growth journey. The concept was simple: gather the most beneficial NATURAL hair care ingredients from cultures around the world, and combine them into one pure and super-effective formula. Through careful trials and research, the "Woke Deep Conditioner" was created.

     After powerful praise and flawless feedback from women of numerous backgrounds, the
Woke Hair principles were utilized to create "Daily" and "Leave-In" varieties, followed by many others. Try one or each of them for yourself and experience Woke Hair today!

W O K E   H A I R
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What You Say About Us
“My hair has never been this healthy before, I was shocked when I looked in the mirror! I knew it was working but had no idea how much longer it had gotten...”

Product: Deep Conditioner

Ashley M.

"My mom said her hair felt and behaved so much better...she even cancelled her hair appointment this week because her hair still felt and looked vibrant...” 

Product: Activated Charcoal Shampoo

Lynn Hendricks, Maryland

“I broke up with my old products and took them back to the store... my new boo's on the way!” 

Product: Deep Conditioner + Shampoo

Kita, Ohio

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