Finally a hair butter that seals in the moisture and promotes growth! This Super-Moist Hair Growth butter has over 20 ingredients and each one promotes growth in it's own way. Here is a list of the beneficial ingredients that make up this amazing Growth Butter.

Shea Butter: Contains Vitamin A&E which adds moisture and shine to the hair repairing the hair

Aloe Vera: Repairs dead skin cells on the scalp reducing dandruff

Neem: Promoted hair growth

Horsetail: Stimulates hair growth

Rosemary: Soothes the scalp/ promotes growth

Chamomile: Anti inflammatory alleviating dry scalp 

Black Tea: Strengthens the hair preventing shedding

Lemongrass: Prevents hair shed

Ginger Root: Stimulates hair follicle promoting growth

4oz bottle 

Super- Moist Growth Hair Butter


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