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The Woke Hair Story

The spark that started Woke Hair was damage- heat damage, that is! Like so many other women, my hair refused to easily detangle due to lack of nutrition and years of damage. The hair techniques many of us are taught as children were invented with beauty in mind- not hair health. Research quickly showed me three things:




Why Natural?

free of sulfates
(harmful salts that dry out your hair)

free of toxins 
(which strip away hair's natural oil)

free of mineral oil,
(which can impair hair growth)

I had sought out and tried every relevant product I could find, with little to no success. Even the premium conditioner brands that featured natural ingredients only contained them in trace amounts, not enough to truly affect and improve my hair's health. So I decided to make my own. Because I refused to give up on my crown.


6 months of trial and error later- Woke Hair Deep Conditioner (purple bottle) was born! Boasting a SIGNIFICANT amount of natural and essential oils, along with powerful slip extracts like marshamallow root, the formula was an immediate personal and widespread success. Here I was thinking I'd made a product just for myself; only to find that the finished product works wonders on 4C hair (that's me) and all other types.

  1. Moisture retention is the #1 key component to healthy hair.

  2. Natural oils (like avocado oil) promote moisture retention in each hair folicle.
  3. There is a lack of natural products on the market that utilize this knowledge.
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